Title Plasma coating Media and Filter.. Maintains static electricity even in contact with water

          Republic of Korea No. 1 MeltBlown filter manufacturer
          Interview with E&H's CEO, Hwang Gyu-ik
          MB filter vulnerable to oil and moisture actually
          after Plasma coating 
          extends life and effectiveness of industrial mask
"The world's first nonwoven fabric being coated with a plasma coating extends the life of the MB filter, which is vulnerable to water and oil." 
Non-woven fabric is a key raw material being used when producing filters that filter dust and harmful substances out by being attached to masks or air purifiers. CEO Hwang Gyu-ik, who met at E&H's headquarters in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do of Korea's No. 1 melt blown (MB) filter company, said, "It is the first time in the world that we have tried plasma coating on a non-woven MB filter that extends filter life"
The MB filter is being used as a filter inside a variety of masks such as KF masks. It is a non-woven filter made by melting polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer, at high temperature in an extruder, and then extruding with ultra-fine fibers. Normally, when water or oil comes in contact with the MB filter, the electrostatic reaction  disappears and the mask function becomes weak. However, when plasma coating is being applied, oil and moisture doesn't stick to the MB filter. so that life can be expented such longer. Plasma is not a solid, liquid, or gas but it's ionized substance. Plasma coating enhances the product's surface strength and prevents damage such as scratches and corrosion. Representative Hwang said, "As a result of self-testing with cigarette smoke, which is widely used for filter performance evaluation, in the case of a general'HEPA 13' grade filter, when three cigarettes were burned, the dust collection efficiency fell to 60%, but the plasma-coated'Hepa 13' The filter retained its existing performance even after burning 3 cigarettes," he emphasized. E&H has been operating its own plasma coating facility since last year.
CEO Hwang said, "many manufactures can produce MB media but the core technology is to give the fabrics static electricity that collects fine dust" He emphasized. In addition that he expected, "Overseas demand for masks applied with plasma coating technology is increasing significantly, so it will be possible to export about 5 million dollars this year"  It is an analysis that this year's performance will be better than the previous year.
The construction dustproof window business is also aggressively expanding. CEO Hwang said, "There is an air conditioner filter called a natural ventilation filter. It is an air conditioner filter, which is made by attaching about 700 thin PP films with ultrasonic waves. in the past, 3M only produce but now 3M give up and we, E&H produce only." It is characterized by good ventilation at the level of natural wind, while 80% of fine dust is filtered out."
E&H is the No. 1 MB filter company in Korea. in 2020, we were responsible for morethan 20% of domestic production during the MB filter crisis year. Through facility expansion in September 2020, it has built the capacity to produce 250 tons of filters per month in a total of 11 lines. In terms of the KF94 mask, it is the amount that can produce about 120 million sheets. MB filters being produced by E&H are used not only for masks, but also for air purifiers and air conditioners, automobile air filters and industrial filters. Recently, it is producing masks and automobile air filters under its own brands, 'Clear Air' and 'Filterlex'.
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