Start Business
2001.03 Establish company

2001. 11 Start new line of 3 product, Air filter & Air cleaner filter & Cabin filter for Automobile
2002. 04 Start commercial media for cleaner etc
2002. 09 Start Air purifier filter media
2003. 02 Expand new product line of Melt blown media for residential Mask and commercial Mask

2005. 11 Expand new 2nd Melt blown machines

2006. 08 Expand new product line of Absorber for automobile, commercial industries

Development and Jump up
2013. 03 Start new line of Super Charging

2015. 02 Expand new 3rd Melt blown machines and 2nd super charging machine

2017. 11 Expand new 4th Melt blown machines
Establish corporate research and development
Domestic Venture business certification
2018. 10 Merged with E&H Hitech

2018. 12 Expand 1st Ultra charging machine (Plasma coating)

2019.       Expand new 5th Melt blown machines
2019.       Expand HEPA Assembly Pack facilities
Company went public KONEX
Expand 1st Ultra charging machine (Plasma coating)
2020.       Domestic Market Position 50% up
Expand new 6 Melt blown machines
New product line for facial mask
Expand 2 Super charging machines